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When it comes to employee engagement, are you throwing a dart at a dart board or spaghetti up against the wall?

What is it?

We create monthly plans, actions, and content for employee engagement through HeatherP Solutions' NGAGE™



Make a meaningful difference in the employee experience.



Empower your managers as effective people leaders.




Forward your company culture and values in a strategic, tangible way.




Take action in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging.

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What happens when employees disengage?

  • Pace of innovation slows

  • Quality & productivity drops

  • Negative online reviews increase

  • Decreased customer satisfaction

  • Stalled growth or drop in revenue

  • Increased business costs

Employees who are heading toward disengagement...

  • Reactive or emotional

  • Apathetic & cynical

  • Exhaustion & inefficiency

  • Quieter than usual

  • Not connecting with co-workers

  • Poor communication

  • Change of work patterns

  • Good work but needs improvement

  • Lack of participation and motivation 

NGAGE works for YOU!

We work with you to develop an Engagement Strategy, then we bring that strategy to life through tangible, bite-sized execution. We provide you a monthly employee engagement plan, content, reminders and activities to enhance you employee experience and increase engagement. The service we provide: 

  • Forwards your culture in a remote-first work environment

  • Supports your Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging efforts

  • Addresses 6 of the 8 drivers of the employee experience that create an outcome of engagement (Gallup & McKinsey)

  • Leverages neuroscience to encourage a "reward" response, resulting in enhanced decision-making, problem solving and collaboration. (NeuroLeadership Institute)

  • Aligns and represents your brand identity.

  • Works alongside an employee engagement technology platform

61% of American employees are reportedly burned out in their jobs.  -Forbes

Want to learn more?

We want to make a meaningful difference for you, your organization and your employees. 

We don't stop at creating a strategy.  We translate your strategy into actionable, personable, human, bite-sized pieces served up monthly and weekly to make your strategy a workplace reality.  LET'S TALK!   

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