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When it comes to employee engagement, are you throwing a dart at a dart board or spaghetti up against the wall?

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What is it?

We help you develop an employee engagement strategy to achieve your organization vision. 


Then we turn that strategy into tangible words, actions and activities.  We provide you a monthly plan with content, reminders and activities to ensure your leaders deliver your employee experience, increase engagement, and advance your strategy.

The service we provide:



Makes a meaningful difference, in ways that matter



Empowers your Managers as effective people leaders




Forwards your culture, even with remote-work employees




Advances Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging efforts




Addresses 6 of the 8 drivers of the employee experience 








Uniquely reflects who you are as a company and your brand identity




Works alongside an employee engagement technology platform


Only 25% of employers have an active engagement strategy for their company.   - The Muse

Why This Solution?

First, let's discuss the risk of doing nothing.  


What happens when employees disengage?

  • Quality & Productivity drop

  • Negative online reviews increase

  • Pace of innovation slows

  • Customer Satisfaction decreases

  • Growth stalls and revenue drops

  • Business costs increase

  • Profitability is reduced

Who is the #1 person to impact engagement?  The manager. 


Our service supports the manager in being a great people leader.  We guide you beyond the latest “cool idea” or technology platform to an integrated plan that addresses the key drivers of the employee experience which result in engagement.


Bottom line, our services creates more value and impact for the employee, manager, and organization alike.


Our monthly plans are not “one size fits all”, they are tailored to your organization to represent, and forward, your unique brand and work culture in a human, personable and tangible manner.

1 in 3 employees are engaged, 51% are not engaged and 13% are actively disengaged. -Gallup, Sept 27, 2020

Who is it for? This might be for you if...

  • Are you, or your customers, seeing signs of disengagement, exhaustion, or burnout among your employees?

  • Are you, or your managers, constrained in bandwidth to be great people leaders, creating future retention risk?

  • Are you seeing the innovation and creativity dropping in your organization?

  • Do you know your employees need support, and are exhausted by the mental gymnastics to figure it out and provide it?

  • Are you missing the pulse you had on your employees’ accomplishments and mindset which allowed you to make them feel known, seen, and valued?

  • Did your company transition to remote work and are now struggling to transition your culture accordingly?  Especially for new team members?

  • Are you overwhelmed by trying to select, implement or use an employee engagement technology solution?

61% of American employees are reportedly burned out in their jobs.  -Forbes

Want to learn more?

We want to make a meaningful difference for you, your organization and your employees. 

We don't stop at creating a strategy.  We translate your strategy into actionable, personable, human, bite-sized pieces served up monthly and weekly to make your strategy a workplace reality.  LET'S TALK!   

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