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No two companies are alike.  No two situations are the same.  Some companies need a rapid and straightforward approach to address urgent business needs.  Others will require more breadth and depth.   

Heather Polivka has been there.  She has worked with Fortune 5 marketing and human resource organizations, as well as CEOs of small, mid-sized and high-growth businesses who are trying to do it all.  She understands how to navigate between differing business priorities and role players.  She is practiced in balancing agility with structure, and speed with pacing to meet each organization where ever they are.    


That's why a strong consulting provider builds unique, individualized solutions.  Regardless of whether you are needing speed and agility, or more structure and analysis,  HeatherP Solutions designed this process to help create the bridges between talent, marketing and communications.  

Those bridges are exactly what you need when your pace of growth increases and your marketplace becomes more challenging.

Phase 1

  • Review existing data, information and research to understand alignment of Brand Experiences across key constituents: customers, community, shareholders, potential employees and current employees

  • Conduct qualitative discovery across key leadership teams to understand your competitive advantage and landscape, consumer facing brand promises, and the state of employee brand engagement and related behaviors.

Phase 2

  • Explore options to retain and secure the talent needed the achieve and maintain competitive advantage

  • Share, Consult and Guide on critical touch points between marketing, human resources and technology. 

  • Delivery of Gap Analysis and Workshoping of Ideal State Strategic Foundation.

  • Identify and build bench strength of Marketing and Human Resource leaders with a strategic understanding of the linkage between brand promises, customer experience and talent experience.

  • Build and enable a scalable and flexible model of end-to-end brand experience alignment

Phase 3

  • Establish roadmap of recommendations, suggested timeframe and outcomes to be expected at key phases.

  • Determine baseline metrics for success and establish ongoing mechanisms for measurement, review and optimization 

  • Launch regular cadence of Brand Council meetings and players

  • Review existing and potential technology solutions which enable customer and talent experiences for alignment

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