Startup to Company.

We can help.

Your investors want to see aggressive results.  You need people to make it happen.  Yesterday.  It’s a lot.  Hiring. Onboarding.  Training.  Shaping your culture with every new person.

As you grow, it is harder to keep people on the same page.  Miscommunications, duplicate work and dropped balls are a constant threat.  It’s not just scaling; it is building the plane as you fly it.  

We can help.  We support the sweet spot evolution from startup to company.  Fast.  

We help with talent strategy to hit your business targets, then translate that strategy into action.  We help you make the right hires, the first time.  Most importantly, we get them on track to drive your success.  

Solutions We Provide:  

  • Finding & Keeping great talent to drive business success.

  • Shaping Culture & ways of working through exponential growth

  • Helping Founder and Leaders be great people leaders.

  • Creating alignment with a tangible, shared vision across functional leaders even as everything changes by the hour

  • Balancing consistency of leadership, process, and experience with high growth

  • Leveraging employee innovation to fuel growth

How We Work:

Whether it is an ongoing engagement, project-based, a VIP Work Day or a problem-solving Working Session, we work with you to:

  • Define values and behaviors to drive culture evolution through high growth. 

  • Develop and lead implementation of a plan to embed culture across all aspects of the employee experience.

  • Conduct organizational analysis to understand, identify, and address cultural risks to business performance.

  • Consult and make recommendations on talent strategy to drive business strategy.

  • Develop and support managers to be exceptional people-leaders as they play the most critical role in engagement (and attrition).

  • Design a work experience that works for your people and your business. Remote, Hybrid, or in-person. Family-friendly. Inclusion and Belonging for all talent.