Startup to Company.  We can help.

We support the sweet spot evolution from startup to company.  Before hiring at scale to support aggressive revenue goals, we quickly ensure a strong foundation for employee success to hire the right talent, the first time.  


We help the Founder CEO and leaders get aligned on the work experience and talent approach to drive the business strategy.  We work with them to proactively cultivate a work experience that will attract, retain and engage the diverse talent needed to fuel competitive advantage and respond to marketplace opportunities.  We establish the foundation for employee success that will propel their business.

Why does this matter?  

-  Employees make or break customer acquisition and retention

-  Employees are the most credible evangelists for any startup, in person and online

-  Employee buy-in drives innovation and quality

The outcome we deliver is a work experience that enables employees to do their best work, driving innovation and revenue growth.  The result?  Delighted customers (& happy investors).  

What We Offer

Employee Success Foundation

We help businesses getting ready to scale by creating and implementing a foundation for employee success.  This foundation allows you to hire the right talent to drive your business, then engage and retain that talent to deliver your business results.    

Experience Alignment:

We help you create practices and identify critical touch points across the business functions to keep everyone on the same page and aligned as you scale rapidly - in ways that create an experience that matters to individuals.


Talent Strategy:

We help you explore options to retain and secure the talent needed to achieve and maintain your competitive advantage.


Virtual Culture OnBoarding:

We help you get the most critical step in the hiring process right to create the work experience that will drive your business.  Your employees will never have higher buy-in than the day they join.  We will help you maintain that energy as they get up to speed.

How We Work

Custom Design

When transitioning from start-up to company, custom designing an approach to create your work experience works best.  We do interviews with the Founder & leaders, current employees, customers and investors.  We conduct third-party research.  We partner quickly to develop a plan and approach, usually involving a few whiteboarding sessions.  Then we work with you side-by-side to implement and refine so that your vision becomes a reality as you hire, retain and engage the right talent to drive your business.  


Virtual & Personal Subscription

Who says a virtual experience can't be a personal one?  Whether it is onboarding or engaging your employees day-to-day, you can sleep easy knowing that we are creating meaningful ways to bring your culture to life each month.  Through interviews and a working session, we create and execute a quarterly Virtual & Personal Subscription plan.  

VIP Work Day

The VIP Work Day is useful for startups looking to address a more complex set of challenges at a high level, or to go deep into a single challenge.  Through two one-hour phone calls, interviews, and a seven hour VIP Work Day, we help you create a path forward to turn present challenges into your next business success story. 


Quick Hit

The Quick Hit is for a Founder addressing a finite challenge at a high level.  Through two one-hour phone calls and a 2-hour Quick Hit working session, we help you make an immediate impact on your team, customers and business.