HeatherP Solutions is a team of marketing, brand, HR, data analytics and strategic professionals working under the direction of Heather Polivka. 


Headquartered in Minneapolis, connected virtually with companies around the globe.


We're passionate about creating a win-win solution for organizations and employees alike; by maximizing profits through employee performance and maximizing employee performance through work environments.  

Everything we do is anchored in who you say you are and what you promise to customers.  We work with you to create a foundation for employee success that drives your business strategy.  


And we don't just go through the motions of performing an extensive intake and handing over recommendations.  We work alongside your team to create, implement and maintain the processes and capabilities that are right for you.  


While we have experience working with all sizes of organizations, we focus on small and mid-sized businesses, specializing in High Growth or Acquisition.  

We only work with clients we can make a difference with.  Most importantly, we work with Leaders who understand that retention and engagement of talent is critical to business success.  


Most businesses aren't thriving because their employees are not set up for success.

We have a proprietary model to get leaders aligned and creating a work experience that allows their people to do great work.

When we are done, our clients have a foundation for employee success that propels their business, delights their customers and energizes their employees.

Customer Satisfaction, Productivity, Innovation, Problem Solving and Profitability are improved.

Let's see if your vision and our capabilities are a fit.    

Our Values

Our business and workplace reflect the principles and values that govern our behavior toward clients and one another.

Inclusion -  Just as we believe that better outcomes happen when marketing, operations and human resources work together, we also believe the best outcomes are achieved when people belong, are free to be the fullest expression of themselves, and are appreciated for their unique perspectives. 

Integrity – We do what we say we will do by when we say we will do it, in the manner we know we are fully capable of.  We walk our talk.  When we make mistakes,  we own up to them and learn from them so as to be better moving forward.  We work with and expect the same of others. 

Empowerment – We seek to create and cultivate relationships.  We aren’t about driving up billable hours, rather about ensuring our partners have all they need to create sustainable results well after we step out of the picture.  In short, we teach our clients "how to fish."

Connection – We believe we are all connected, or at least part of the same ecosystem.  For that reason, we seek outcomes that are optimal for all and are authentic to us and to those we interact with.

Action – We are interested in making a difference and creating impact, and we want to work with people who want the same.  We seek progress over perfection.  We are agile in our delivery, constantly learning and optimizing.  We are taking ground vs. standing still. 




2200 West 66th St #231

Richfield, MN 55423

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