HeatherP Solutions is a team of marketing, brand, HR, data analytics and strategic professionals working under the direction of Heather Polivka. 


Headquartered in Minneapolis, connected virtually with companies around the globe.


We're passionate about creating a win-win solution for organizations and employees alike; by maximizing profits through employee performance and maximizing employee performance through work environments.  

Everything we do is anchored in who you say you are and what you promise to customers.  We work with you to create a foundation for employee success that drives your business strategy.  


And we don't just go through the motions of performing an extensive intake and handing over recommendations.  We work alongside your team to create, implement and maintain the processes and capabilities that are right for you. From the bottom-up and the top-down.  Everyone has a role to play.  We show them how to play it.    


While we have experience working with all sizes of organizations, we focus on small and mid-sized businesses, businesses going through mergers and acquisitions, and Start Ups accelerating growth to established companies.  

We work with clients we can make a difference with.  Most importantly, we work with CEOs, CMOs, and CHROs who understand that talent strategy is a key component to business strategy, and engagement of talent is critical to business success. 


Most businesses aren't thriving because their employees are not set up for success.

We have a proprietary model to get leaders aligned and creating a work experience that allows their people to do great work.

When we are done, our clients have a foundation for employee success that propels their business, delights their customers and energizes their employees.

Customer Satisfaction, Productivity, Innovation, Problem Solving and Profitability are improved.

Let's see if your vision and our capabilities are a fit.    

Your company claims to be innovative, but your talent strategy doesn’t attract or retain people who “think outside of the box”.