HeatherP Solutions was launched to maximize a company's opportunity for performance through their employees, and employees' opportunity for performance thru aligned and genuine work environments.  It's what we are passionate about, creating a win-win for organizations and employees alike.  


More specifically, we help companies create a connected, aligned and holistic brand experience, end-to-end, across all constituents for companies in transition or high growth.   We break down the silos between marketing and human resources to help both understand the critical linkages of these people-focused functions to maximize a company’s performance.  We build the capabilities in-house to enable organizations to move with speed and agility to respond to customer needs through their employees.  Lastly, we help companies link their talent and brand strategies to navigate the competitive landscape to maintain or create competitive advantage.

For Example:  Can a product or a company maintain an innovative positioning in the marketplace if its talent practices are not innovative to retain and engage the talent that will "think outside the box"?  Can a product or company effectively reposition its brand in the marketplace without its talent practices aligned accordingly and its employees as advocates of the brand experience? 


While the answer may seem obviously “no”, many marketing and human resource organizations operate independently from one another. Often times, decisions are made at the HR table that have an impact on, or do not align with, a company’s brand strategy.  Or brand campaigns are launched with little buy-in from employees, resulting in a lack of advocacy for a company’s products or services, or even the company itself. The evidence of this gap seen by going to Indeed or Glassdoor to see the rankings that most employees give their current employers.  

The impact of these silos between Marketing & Human Resources impacts:

  • Brand ROI

  • Retention of Intellectual Capital & Turnover of Mission Critical Talent

  • Employee Engagement

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Profit Per Employee


How can we help your organization?  

  • Evaluate alignment of Brand Experiences across key constituents:  customers, community, shareholders, potential employees and current employees

  • Create alignment practices and critical touch points between Marketing, Communications and Human Resource teams

  • Explore options to retain and secure the talent needed to achieve and maintain competitive advantage

  • Identify and build bench strength of Marketing and Human Resource leaders with a strategic understanding of the linkage between brand experience, customer experience and talent experience.

  • Build and Enable a scalable and flexible model of end-to-end brand experience alignment for global organizations

  • Review existing and potential technology solutions which enable customer and talent experiences for alignment


We work with all sizes of organizations, specializing in High Growth or Acquisition businesses.  Most importantly, we work with businesses who understand the retention and engagement of talent as being critical to the ability of the business to deliver on its top line growth and measurable results, with speed and agility.  

Our Values

Our business and workplace reflect the principles and values that govern our behavior toward clients and one another.

Inclusion -  Just as we believe that better outcomes happen when marketing and human resources work together and align as people-focused functions, we also believe the best outcomes for society, a business and individuals are achieved when people belong, are free to be the fullest expression of themselves and are appreciated for their talents and unique perspectives. 

Integrity – We do what we say by when we say we will do it, in the manner we know we are fully capable of. When we make mistakes, which are human, we own up to them and learn from them so as to be better moving forward.  We work with and expect the same of others. 

Empowerment – We seek to create a relationship that leaves those we work with fully able to realize the optimal outcomes on an ongoing basis.  We aren’t about driving up billable hours, rather about ensuring our partners have all they need to independently create sustainable results well after we step out of the picture.  In short, we teach our clients "how to fish."

Connection – We believe we are all connected, or at least part of the same ecosystem.  For that reason, we seek outcomes that are optimal for all and are authentic to us and to those we interact with.

Action – We are interested in making a difference, and we want to work with people who want the same.  We seek progress over perfection.  We are agile in our delivery and progress, constantly learning and optimizing.  In motion, we're taking ground vs. standing still. 




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