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HeatherP Solutions is a team of marketing, brand, HR, data analytics and strategic professionals working under the direction of Heather Polivka. 


Headquartered in Minneapolis, connected virtually with companies around the globe.


We increase revenue, productivity, and innovation.

Our proven methodology focuses on driving business performance through employee performance. 

We do this by addressing workplace culture, breaking down silos, optimizing ways of working, empowering frontline managers, and improving employee engagement. 

We work with SMBs, M&A and Start Up companies to:

  • Define values and behaviors to drive culture transformation, evolution or integration, depending upon business needs.

  • Develop and lead implementation of a plan to embed culture across all aspects of the employee experience, throughout the people and business cycle.

  • Conduct organizational analysis to understand, identify, and address cultural risks to business performance.

  • Consult and make recommendations on talent strategy to drive business strategy.

  • Craft an Engagement Strategy to drive your business and serve your customers.  Then translate the strategy into tangible, actionable plans for all levels of the organization and tailored to advance your brand experience and culture.

  • Develop and support managers to be exceptional people-leaders as they play the most critical role in engagement (and attrition).

  • Design a work experience that works for your people and your business.  Whether that is Remote, Hybrid, or in-person.  Family-friendly.  Or one that creates an environment to support diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.  

Basically, we’re passionate about creating a win-win solution for organizations and employees alike: by maximizing profits through employee performance and maximizing employee performance through work environments

We help you WALK YOUR TALK as a company and as leaders.
We don’t just go through the motions of performing an extensive intake process, handing over recommendations and wishing you good luck in implementing them.  We break strategy into bite-sized, tangible, "live-action" plans from the top-down and the bottom-up.  Everyone has a role in creating great business performance and we show them how.  

We work alongside your teams to have your business thrive.

Your company claims to be innovative, but your talent strategy doesn’t attract or retain people who “think outside of the box”.
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