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HeatherP Solutions is a team of marketing, human resources, research, data analytics and talent strategy professionals working under the direction of Heather Polivka. 


Headquartered in Minneapolis, serving companies around the globe.


We increase profitability, talent retention and organizational agility.

Our proven methodology focuses on driving business performance through employee performance.


We do this by working with leaders to:

  • Understand the good, the bad, and the in-between about your culture.

  • Identify how your culture is helping your business, or hindering it. 

  • Develop a plan and work with you to lean into what works, and address what doesn’t.

We work with SMBs, M&A and High growth  companies to:

  • Define values and behaviors to drive culture transformation, evolution or integration, depending upon business needs.

  • Develop and lead implementation of a plan to embed culture across your company, top to bottom.

  • Conduct organizational analysis to understand, identify, and address cultural risks to business performance.

  • Develop and support managers to be exceptional people-leaders, maximize talent potential, and deliver business results.  

  • Design a work experience that works for your business and your people, whether they work in-person, hybrid or remote.  

Your company claims to be innovative, but your talent strategy doesn’t attract or retain people who “think outside of the box”.
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