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Client Testimonials

“Would definitely recommend

(but maybe not to competitors!)”


-  President, Engineering firm

“I've been in the working world now for 30 years. The workshop is something I wish I had 20 years ago. I would encourage other firms working to understand their culture identity to work with Heather, lean in on the work, and trust the process.”


-  CEO, Digital Marketing consulting firm

“Relevant results to our company, and well thought out.  Presented positive aspects and items to work on. You can tell she has done this before and knows what she is doing.”


-  Board of Directors, Med Device Startup

Screen Shot 2023-08-25 at 11.23.33 AM.png

“When I think about where we were a year ago versus where we are now, how much growth we’ve gone thru as a company due to our work with HeatherP Solutions, I’m so proud and grateful.”

Michele Campbell
Director at RH2

"I saw that Heather was the personality I wanted on my team for change. While working on the Culture process, I was surprised at how quickly others embraced her strategies. We've seen an increase in leadership involvement as a result of the work we have done with Heather."

Skylynn Powell
Senior Human Resources Professional

“Heather is very responsive, and I love her energy. She maintains an upbeat level of professionalism and has thoughtful information to coach folks through challenging situations. Clearly identified and articulated challenges with our current culture and now we have a roadmap for improvement."

Kelly Klopotek
Chief Experience Officer at Village Bank
Geoff Dillard.png

"RH2 has been able to open a candid conversation between leaders and employees about where employees would like to see the company culture improve and grow.

The impact has been:

  • Transparency

  • Ability to address areas for improvement

  • Leadership growth

There has been a distinct shift in the mindset of leaders at RH2, and even though there is still work to be done, it is a positive change."

Geoff Dillard
SW Regional Manager at RH2 Engineering, Inc.
Holly Loutsis.jfif

“I had the pleasure of working with HeatherP Solutions and the experience was incredible. I was looking for ways to increase employee engagement and align our HR and marketing groups. HeatherP Solutions stood out from other options because of the expert content knowledge, approachability, and directness. Thank you, Heather, for your excellent service and expertise.”

Holly Loutsis
Human Resources at RH2 Engineering, Inc. 
“HeatherP Solutions was an extremely value-added partner who dove into our organization and, through research and stakeholder conversations, was able to connect dots and uncover foundational opportunities. The time, work, and effort put into the comprehensive final recommendation was thorough and provided our organization with options to not only positively grow the culture but set it up for sustainable success. We highly recommend HeatherP Solutions if you are looking for a partner and professional to help unleash the power of your people.”

      Heather Boschke

      Vice-Chair of the Board, Educational Non-Profit

“Heather is a passionate leader with great marketing acumen.  I was particularly impressed with her ability to create the vision and strategy for large scale initiatives.  Heather is a strong partner who can see what is possible and influence others to make it happen!”

Becky McEuen

Chief Human Resource Officer at Northstar Memorial Group


"Heather’s strategic approach is based on years of tackling and solving complex challenges to meld people and brand promises.  Her insight and methodology can unleash the potential of entrepreneurial organizations and cure leadership insomnia.”

Paul Austermuehle
Sr. Vice President of Branding at Bernard Hodes

“Heather is a visionary leader with the keen ability to bring to life an organization’s culture. She not only has a strong ability to influence, motivate, challenge and drive excellence in execution, but she also is impactful in her ability to drive engagement deeply within teams and throughout an organization. She has a strong and comfortable executive presence, and her boundless energy and passion for her work shows through real business results. Anyone who works with Heather will appreciate her work. More importantly, they will appreciate her authenticity, integrity and vulnerability.”

Rebecca Gish
Global Employer Branding Leader at Kimberly-Clark

“Heather is a natural leader and visionary who has the unique ability to translate her diverse background/experiences and understanding of business needs into creative, practical solutions that are thought provoking and forward thinking. Heather also has the rare ability to communicate a clear direction and influence others into action towards a common goal. Heather’s results speak volumes!”

Lisa Burton
Partner at Tercera

“I have experienced both the congruence and incongruence between an organization’s brand promises to their clients and employees experiencing for themselves the brand promises they are expected to deliver to clients on behalf of their organization. Where there was congruence the organization thrived, clients were satisfied, and employees were engaged and thriving as well.  Where there was incongruence, employees struggled to deliver the brand promises which negatively impacted client satisfaction and organization results. Many employees became disillusioned and eventually left the organization. It is critical to get this right in your organization and HeatherP Solutions is your best guide for success.”

Kyle Nowell
Founder and CEO of KMA Associates
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