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Trusted Advisor. Business Owner. Founder.  Change Agent. Speaker.


What happens when Marketing expertise meets HR know-how? Me!


I founded HeatherP Solutions to work with forward-thinking leaders of small and mid-sized businesses to accelerate revenue growth by creating work environments where people thrive.


My methodology at defining and evolving workplace experiences to retain great talent and create competitive advantage has been masterfully crafted with over two decade’s worth of culture experience with businesses of all sizes.  Whether my clients are responding to a changing talent market, fueling high growth, or navigating the merging of multiple cultures, I guide leaders to cultivate a way of working that fuels their business strategy and enables their talent strategy. 


Most importantly, I don’t make culture work into rocket science.  I bring a practical, tangible, and pragmatic approach.  My marketing and HR expertise, along with experiences in operations and technology, brings a cross-functional perspective to workplace culture.   

For 12 years prior to starting HeatherP Solutions, I served as a Fortune 6 organization’s critical link between marketing and human resources to grow 4x over, transform their culture, repair their reputation as a place to work, integrate 20+ acquired businesses, and localize their presence in culturally relevant ways.


Creating environments where people thrive goes beyond the workplace for me. I am a SCORE mentor, Co-Chair of the Catalyst Fund to empower early-stage women business owners, and active in the work of child abuse prevention and anti-racism.

What's My Secret?

  1. I marry Marketing, HR, Operations and Technology experience. I am the connector of functions and remover of silos

  2. I drive business strategy through people via embedding culture, optimizing ways of working, and developing people leaders. 

  3. I work BOTH top-down and bottom up. Everyone has a role to play and I show them how to play it, breaking it down into tangible, bite-sized actions. 


If you’re ready to imagine what’s possible for your company and employees, let's work together to make that happen!

I love talking about how we can create workplaces where everyone thrives, great talent stays and businesses grow!

By focusing on frontline management training and enlivening the work environment across a variety of business settings and sizes, we can increase the engagement and inertia of our employees, and reward our businesses with increased productivity and profit in return.
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