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Our Values

Our values govern our behavior toward one another and everyone we encounter.

We are count-on-able -  We do what we say by when we say we will do it. We walk our talk.  We expect the same of others. 

We embrace humanity – We own our mistakes and share lessons learned.  We create space for others to do the same.  We see people and let them know they are seen. 


Our Mission

To transform the work experience into one where everyone thrives, great talent stays, and businesses grow. 

We are in community – We believe we are all connected, and that a rising tide raises all boats. We seek outcomes that are optimal for everyone.  We are forthright with our needs and boundaries, and we respect the needs and boundaries of others.

We empower people – We give people the tools, support, and resources for growth.  We are candid and kind.  We are truth-tellers. In short, we teach people "how to fish."

We move forward with intention – We are interested in making a difference.  We seek progress over perfection, taking ground versus standing still.  

Our Social Impact

We walk our talk when it comes to making a difference and social impact as follows:

  • We donate 3% of revenue to locally-based non-profits.

  • 74% of our business partners are companies owned and led by underrepresented business owners

  • We donate 5% of our hours per month to empower and support early stage women business owners

  • We provide notable discounts on our services to non-profits with social and community impact

Employee comments and company rankings on Glassdoor or Indeed fail to reflect what the company says about itself in the media and its own website.
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