Two become One.  We can help. 

Two teams with two different cultures are now one business.  You ask yourself how to get the best of each to make a better whole.
Turf wars and culture clashes are imminent.  What you want to avoid is collateral damage of your best people in the process.  
We can help you integrate cultures, or create new ones, as you merge and acquire businesses to ensure you realize the ROI that sealed the deal in the first place.  

Solutions We Provide:  

  • Finding & Keeping great talent to drive business success.

  • Helping business leaders be great people leaders

  • Merging ways of working and optimizing how things are done to drive the new, combined business forward.

  • Shaping Culture to evolve with your new business and deliver results.

  • Closing the gap between Employee & Customer Expectations versus their actual experience

  • Addressing disparity in experience for employee and customers alike

  • Creating alignment with a tangible, shared vision across newly combined functional leaders 

How We Work:

Custom Design

You have two unique businesses with one unique set of circumstances.  custom designing an approach for your unique situation often works best.   SET UP A STRATEGY CALL


VIP Work Day

The VIP Work Day is useful for businesses looking to address a set of challenges at a high level, or to go deep into a single challenge around people, process, and culture.  This is also a great solution for new, combined leadership teams.  SEE A VIP WORK DAY SAMPLE


Quick Hit

The Quick Hit is for a merger or acquisition addressing a finite challenge at a high level.  SEE A QUICK HIT SAMPLE