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Trusted Advisor.  Business Owner.  Change Agent.  Speaker.


What happens when Marketing expertise meets HR know-how? Me!

I founded HeatherP Solutions to work with progressive leaders of small and mid-sized businesses to accelerate revenue growth by creating work environments where people thrive.


My proven methodology focuses on driving business performance through employee performance. I do this by cultivating distinctive work experiences, crafting a differentiated story to attract and retain key talent, addressing workplace culture, breaking down silos, empowering front-line managers, and improving employee engagement.

What's My Secret?

  1. I marry Marketing, HR and Operations. I am the connector of functions and remover of silos

  2. I drive business strategy through talent, culture, employer branding, employee experience, engagement strategy and people-leader development, breaking it down into tangible, bite-sized actions to make it the new reality.

  3. I work BOTH top-down and bottom up. Everyone has a role to play and I show them how to play it. I work with leaders to create a shared vision, and work through employees to create results.

Before launching HeatherP Solutions, I led the first global marketing division of Fortune 6 UnitedHealth Group. I applied my consumer-centric marketing expertise to attracting, retaining, and engaging the people needed to fuel the organization’s success, and discovered my passion for this work in the process.


For nearly 12 years, I served as the critical link between Marketing and Human Resources, reporting into the Chief Officers for both. My work helped to quadruple their revenue, transform their culture, repair their reputation as a place to work, integrate cultures and brands of 20+ acquired businesses, and localize their presence in culturally relevant ways around the globe.


If you’re ready to imagine what’s possible for your company and employees, let's work together to make that happen!

Speaking Engagements & Podcast Appearances

Heather P has been creating thriving businesses through building authentic employer brands, cultivating healthy work cultures, crafting engaging employee experiences, realizing talent retention strategies, and developing awesome people leaders for almost 15 years. 

Topics Heather Speaks On:

Are You Walking Your Talk?  Addressing the Biggest Gap that Hinders Businesses and Workplaces

Addressing the Gap that Stops Most Businesses (& Workplaces)  From Thriving

3 Critical Aspects to Employee Engagement

The Art & Science of Employer Branding to create a differentiated work experience that resonates

Why People-centric Managers Outperform Their Peers in every metric

3 Reasons Why Most Culture & Employee Engagement Work Fails

The most effective, overlooked solution to employee retention & engagement

Heather's Past Engagements

Twin Cities Start Up Week Session #1:
The Most Overlooked, Yet Critical, Aspect of Culture & Engagement
Fri, Sept 16, 2022 at 12pm CST

Twin Cities Start Up Week Session #2:
Move Fast and Develop Your People
Thurs, Sept 22, 2022 at 4pm CST

Twin Cities Start Up Week Session #3:
Words and Actions Matter
Fri, Sept 23, 2022 at 10:15am CST

Twin Cities Start Up Week Session #4:
Lessons from TikTok. Why Micro-Lessons are Changing Everything
Fri, Sept 23, 2022 at 11:30am CST


HFTP Club Forum Discussion:
Attracting & Retaining Talent
Tues, Sept 13, 2022 at 2pm CS

HFTP Club Forum Discussion:
Most Effective, Overlooked Solution to Employee Retention and Engagement
Wed, Sept 14, 2022 at 1:30pm CST

California HR / PIHRA Conference 

The Art & Science of Employer Branding to Differentiate Your Company (In-Person May 2022)

5 Reasons Most Culture & Engagement Strategies Fail (Virtual May 2021)

Western Wisconsin Women's Business Center (Virtual)

Leading Remote & Hybrid Teams - A 4 Part Series (March 2022)

NOW of Work Podcast 

People Leaders for the Future of Work (February 2022)


Marketing & HR:  Bosum Buddies or Perfect Strangers? (January 2022)

IMA® Podcast
Leading Hybrid & Remote Teams (November 2021)

The Business Conversation Podcast
Grow, Evolve, and Thrive Through a Foundation of Employee Success (July 2021)

Working Well Podcast
Creating a Healthy Workplace Culture (June 2021)


National coverage in USA TODAY. Heather was recognized among other women who
launched their business during the pandemic.  (June 2021)


Team Women Breakfast (IN PERSON)

3 Reasons Most Engagement Work Struggles...and What To Do (June 2021)

AIA National Smarter Together Series (VIRTUAL)

Facilitator for Panel on Practitioners' Perspectives on Racial and Gender Equity in Construction (June 2021)

Inevitable Future of Work Podcast

Post-Pandemic Workplace (May 2021)

NAWBO National Lunch & Learn (VIRTUAL)

3 Models for Leading Thru Challenge, Change, & Uncertainty (February 2021)

Small Business Expo, Chicago (VIRTUAL)

Employee Engagement for Small Business (September 2020)

Click to download

SMEI National Association (VIRTUAL)

Pairing Marketing & HR for Business Success (October 2020)

Click to download

HeatherP Solutions Webinars (VIRTUAL)

What Most Companies Get Wrong About Employee Engagement (February 2021)

3 Steps to Employee Engagement (October 2020)

Leading During Stressful Times (September 2020)

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Employer Branding International

2020 Speaker, Lisbon  (VIRTUAL)  Click to download      

2020 Panel Member, Lisbon  (VIRTUAL)

     2018 Keynote Speaker, Prague Click to download

     2011 Conference Speaker, Moscow

     2010 Conference Speaker, Johannesburg

SMMG Association, Minneapolis (VIRTUAL)

2020 Meeting Speaker 

Dreamforce 2019:  Awareness to Onboarding

     Dreamforce Presentation Click to download



     2018 Conference Speaker, Orlando

     2016 Conference Speaker, Orlando

     2011 Conference Speaker, Washington DC

Forum for Inclusion and Diversity

     2010 – 2017 Annual Conference Speaker

HR Tech

     2015 Conference Speaker

Awards & Recognition:


2019 Sitecore Ultimate Experience Award

     The Sitecore Experience Awards recognize brands that have built truly customer-centric, digital environments using Sitecore technology. Ultimate Experience Award is the pinnacle recognition.

2019, 2018 & 2017 Online Communications Global Top 3 Ranking

     Potential Park is an independent market research company based in Stockholm, Sweden that conducts annual surveys of over 30,000 users to evaluate all marketing channels related to online talent communications including websites, social media, mobile and application.

2017 Supplier Diversity IMPACT Award

     Recognizing suppliers and leaders who have provided outstanding contributions in the areas of technological advancement, innovative solutions, cost-effective and responsive solutions and the expansion of relationships with UnitedHealth Group

2015 Innovation Award

     The Innovation Award is determined by a panel of UnitedHealth Group Executive Innovation Champions and recognizes initiatives leading to new ideas or processes, brought measurable impacts and proven pilot results, and tied closely with strategic priorities.


Employee comments and company rankings on Glassdoor or Indeed fail to align with what the company says about itself in the media and its own website.
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