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Company culture is the foundation for your business success... or not.

Culture isn't about nap pods or free lunch.  Culture is the way your employees work together, the way they interact with customers, and the way they feel about their job.


A healthy culture is one where everyone thrives, great talent stays, and companies grow. 

If you’re curious about the health of your company culture and not sure where to start, we can help.

Is your company culture helping your business or hindering it?


A healthy culture attracts and retains top talent, drives innovation, and builds long-term relationships with customers.

An unhealthy culture can cost you. Big-time. It can have a negative impact on all aspects of your business, from its bottom line to its reputation.

Are you attracting and keeping great talent? Retaining customers? Growing your business?
In other words, is your culture working for you? Or is it costing you?



Is now the right time to think about culture?

Here are a few questions to consider...

Leaders keep wondering why it is so hard to hire people and why it is taking so long. 

Online review sites tell a different story than your marketing....and what your employees believe.

You are spending more time, energy, and money on acquiring talent than retaining it.  

You want to merge two teams with two different cultures into one business.

You're asking yourself how to get the best of each team to make a better whole.

You want to avoid losing your best people while evolving your business.

We help you leverage what you already have, refine it, and  create a work culture that is more than words on a webpage.  We help you bring the best of your organization to life in an authentic way for your employees to drive business results! 

We can help you integrate cultures, or create new ones, as you merge and acquire businesses to ensure you realize the ROI that sealed the deal in the first place.

Your investors want to see aggressive results, and you need people to make it happen.

You're overwhelmed at the prospect of hiring, onboarding, and shaping your culture with every hire.

You wonder how to differentiate your company as a place to work as much as your products & services.

We'll help you translate strategy into action as we help you make the right hires, the first time, and get them on track to drive your success. 

Your employees are burnt out and morale is low!

People are walking out the door as quickly as they are walking in.  

If 75% of people leave because of their manager, you fear that your managers aren't the people leaders you need them to be to keep your best talent.

We help organizations make culture and engagement more than a great idea. We bring them to life with game plans that create engagement and drive business results!

Are you experiencing All Of The Above?  

Our Services Are Ideal For:

High Growth Companies

Newly Merged Companies

Investment Funds + Advisors

Small to Mid-Sized Organizations

Our Reputation Speaks for Itself


Meet Heather P

This is what happens when marketing expertise meets HR know-how: Heather Polivka.


Heather Polivka founded HeatherP Solutions as a culture consultancy to work with forward-thinking leaders of small and mid-sized businesses to accelerate revenue growth by creating work experiences where people thrive.

Heather’s proven and proprietary methodology has been masterfully crafted with over two decade’s worth of culture experience with businesses of all sizes.  Whether clients are responding to a changing talent market, fueling high growth, or navigating the merging of multiple cultures, she guides leaders to cultivate a way of working that fuels their business.

If you’re ready to imagine what’s possible for your organization and its employees, you’re ready to work with Heather.

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