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When your employees

succeed, your business succeeds.

Many businesses are missing revenue because their employees are not set up to succeed.


Is Your Business Set Up To Succeed?

There are bottlenecks and gaps in communication.

Deliverables are being missed, or coming too close for comfort.

People are working hard, but you're wondering if they are working smart.

We can help you leverage the people, process, and resources you already have in place to maximize employee performance and drive your business.

Your investors want to see aggressive results, and you need people to make it happen.

You're overwhelmed at the prospect of hiring, onboarding, and shaping your culture with every hire.

As you scale, miscommunication, duplicate work, and dropped balls are a constant paint point.

We'll help you translate strategy into action as we help you make the right hires, the first time, and get them on track to drive your success. 

You want to merge two teams with two different cultures into one business.

You're asking yourself how to get the best of each team to make a better whole.

You want to avoid collateral damage of your best people while evolving your business.

We can help you integrate cultures, or create new ones, as you merge and acquire businesses to ensure you realize the ROI that sealed the deal in the first place.

Your employees are burnt out and morale is tanking!

You want to keep your employees engaged but question whether you are taking the right actions.

If 75% of people leave because of their manager, you fear that your managers aren't the people leaders you need them to be to keep your best talent.

We help organizations make culture and engagement more than a great idea. We bring them to life with game plans that create engagement and drive business results!

Are you experiencing All Of The Above?  

Our Services Are Ideal For:

Series A/Series B Funded Start-Ups

Newly Merged Companies

Venture Capital Funds + Advisors

Small to Mid-Sized Organizations


Meet Heather P

This is what happens when marketing expertise meets HR and Operations proficiency: Heather Polivka.


A proven global leader, Heather knows the power of a purposeful brand experience that reaches customers, communities, employees and stakeholders. She’s seen the impact it has because she’s led these initiatives for some of the world’s most recognized brands.

Heather is on a mission to help businesses retain and engage the right people, so they can retain and engage customers; to build admired leaders who are recognized for the way they prioritize employee success; and help leadership teams perform at a higher level, with greater consistency.  


If you’re ready to imagine what’s possible for your organization and its employees, you’re ready to work with Heather.

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