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My Experience Interning at HeatherP Solutions & Awesome People Leaders

Getting to know Heather and the businesses she’s created has been such a wonderful experience to have at this beginning stage in my career. I started interning for Heather back in January of this year, and what I can say from almost a year of knowing Heather, is that she is an incredibly hard worker, passionate about what she does, and above all, caring to those she works with.

Throughout my internship at HeatherP Solutions and Awesome People Leaders, I have been assigned a variety of tasks such as helping Heather with her management training program, working with graphic designers, preparing presentations, helping with workshop decks, managing our copywriting process, managing the companies’ social accounts, and creating blog posts.

I have learned so much in the work that I’ve done for Heather, but also from the ways that Heather works. She is a great leader, and the way she solves and overcomes roadblocks is a true and clear reflection of what she teaches in Awesome People Leaders. She inspires, helps guide, and is fantastic at checking in to make sure she is providing what is needed from her, so that I can do my job. She makes working for her an enjoyable and rewarding experience, where I look forward to our meetings, and am onboard with her companies’ visions.

Since beginning to work for Heather in January, I have not only gained confidence in my ideas and abilities to manage projects, I have gained a clearer view of where I would like to go in my career. I find Heather’s work to be inspiring and effective in creating positive change for our clients. I would love to continue to work in the industrial/organizational psychology space, and work to help businesses reach their potential by addressing the impact that company culture, employee engagement, and workforce trends have on their success.

Working for Heather has been an amazing experience and I have been so lucky to get to know her and be a part of her team. I can’t wait to see where her businesses go, and am grateful to have someone who is just as equally invested in me, as I am in them!

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