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Recognizing Employers taking care of those who take care of us....

Over the weekend, I was inspired by stories where companies are stepping up for their employees during this pandemic. So much so, that I thought I would compile a list and maintain it weekly to give kudos to companies who are taking care of the people who take care of all of us, demonstrating a strong alignment between their Employer Brand and how employees are experiencing them in these challenging times.

Here is the link in Google Docs to this document

  • Where you see companies stepping up beyond the typical to support employees via this post, let me know! DM me or drop me an email.

  • There is a tab where i laid out a very rough idea of the criteria as a starting point

  • Companies on the First 2 tabs are those that... so far.. are going above and beyond or representing "best case" of a particular action, such as a reduction in executive pay (to list one).

  • There is an honorable mention tab... this is to acknowledge a step or several in the right direction. Given the criteria it has minimal impact or impact for only a finite period of time, or comparatively typical to other employers. Regardless, it is a positive step for their employees!

  • I will update the document at least weekly... perhaps more depending upon volume!

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